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The Fauves 1905 - 1920

evening stroll, vincent van gogh, 1889-1890 woman in green panty, kees van dongen, 1905 Between 1901 and 1906, many of the work of the post-impressionistic artists, like Cézanne, Gaugain and Van Gogh,  was exposed in France. Some of the younger generation of artist, like Van Dongen and De Vlaminck, were very impressed by the work and they developed a total new style based on the post-impressionism. The new aspects were the vivid colors and the unreal disforming of objects.

In 1905 the group exposed their work for the first time. The critics called them a discrase for art and therefor called them 'The Fauves'. The Fauves means 'Wild Beasts', a name that the artists of the group excepted with pride They decided to call their group like that.

madame matisse, henri matisse, 1905 de dans, henri matisse, 1909 The central artist of the group was Henri Matisse. In his work he used vivid colors and precise indications of the structure by strong outlines. The work of Matisse is based on the principals and possibilities of 'leaving out'. The human minds can fill in what is missing in the painting, like dimension, details and plastical forms.

In stead of following the German Expressionists by expressing their feelings of unhappiness with the society, The Fauves expressed their feelings of joy for life and joy for art and painting.

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