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The Roman ( 500 b.C. - 476 after )

The Rome legend tells us that the name of the city of Rome came from Romulus. The Twin brothers Rolulus and Remus were raised by a wolf. As young men they decided to build a city. But in a fight about this new city Romulus killed his brother and established the city himself calling it Rome.

Between this event and the development of Rome into an Empire ly ceveral ages. By colonizing and conquer prosperous land around them (like Greece), the Roman Empire became bigger and bigger and more and more powerfull. The conquers reached their top during the period of Julius Ceasar (from 60 b.C.) and August (from 27 b.C.). Around the year 0 the Roman Empire included most of Europe, the Middle-East and the coast of North-Africa.

Since the year 27 before Christus was born, the Roman Empire has been ruled by an Emperor. The emperors and their respresentatives within the colonies have been the most important influence for Architecture and Sculpture.

To be continued .......

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