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Influences of the Myths

Myths lay on the basis of the Greek religion in the ancient history and therefor were found in all aspects of society. In the art of the ancient history we can also see that manly mythical scenes and figures were depicted, but most of the art was of religious nature.

In later Literature and plastic arts the artists' choice for a subject was often influenced by the Greek Mythology. Conspicuous is that especially those subjects were chosen that either suited the ruling mentality or could be adapted to. Examples of the influences of the myths can be found by the Roman, the Early Christian Period, the Renaissance and the Neoclassicism.

Even in the 19th and 20th century myths were used many times. Psychologists used myths as object for study. Especially those who were engaged on the subconscious of the human spirit lost themselves in the universal value of the mythology. The most famous psychologists that used myths as source of information about the human spirit were Jung and Freud (Oedipus- complex).


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